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Sustainability Consulting

We specialize in delivering enhanced business performance through improved sustainability performance. We help companies improve their environmental performance, ethical, and social impact to meet their business objectives by using an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable approach. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that will help identify why sustainability issues are important to our client’s business and provide hands-on support to help manage them. Our work rests on a thorough understanding of the trends and business implications of our clients across industries, geographies, and stakeholders. We build robust analytical tools based on best practice and decades of experience and apply them to each client’s needs. We focus on delivering social impact through originating and incubating new social enterprises; research into social enterprise, social franchising, and social finance, and developing and delivering projects, research, and social enterprises for our clients. We provide corporate impact reporting on the UN Sustainable Development Goals to allow companies understand how their business functions map to the SDGs and their impact on the wider world in a consistent, objective way. We provide experienced and aspirational consultants with the opportunity to provide pro bono sustainability consultancy work with public and private sector clients, NGOs etc.

Why is sustainability important?


The array of challenges facing companies today is wide and complex. Across the globe, and in every sector, businesses need to integrate sustainability into their strategy, management, and performance measurement – because sustainability is central to business success. An effective sustainability strategy drives the bottom line while also delivering on the expectations of investors, regulators, employees, consumers, and civil society. It takes insight, global expertise, intuition, and active listening to understand where and how a company is most affected by its own unique environmental, social, and ethical issues. It also takes experience, rigor, and creativity to map the best response to those issues. With unprecedented challenges facing humanity (e.g. climate change, migration, resource scarcity, poverty etc.) and in the aftermath of Covid-19, businesses stand as the defining catalyst to tackle the pressing issues of our day. It is our hope that businesses will heed the world’s call to action and tackle the pressing issues of our day. Developing sustainable business practices creates strategies that preserve the long-term viability of People, Planet, and Profit – otherwise known as the triple bottom line. This enables human communities across the globe maintain their independence and have access to the resources that they require, financial and other, to meet their needs.

Image by Bálint Wittinger
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