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About SmartWork.  

SmartWork Inc is a management consulting and sustainability consultancy. The company was set up to bring a new approach to creating positive and sustainable change. We work with organizations of all sizes - ranging from start-ups, impact ventures, public and private companies through to non-profits and foundations, and tailor our services to suit our clients. We deliver projects and drive real sustainable impact and create value. We work closely with our clients to identify and solve business-critical problems.
Using robust evidence and creative collaboration, we tailor our support to best suit the needs and purpose of our clients, helping them streamline their work and enhance their commercial and social impact. Our team brings a unique blend of expertise, from strategy, business planning, and finance to advocacy, operations, and technology with a commitment to analytical rigor and generating actionable insight. Together, we accelerate innovation and build the capabilities of people, processes, and technologies to enable positive change and impact. We connect the expertise of experienced consultants and subject matter experts with the needs of our clients. Our work is built on our core values as well as social impact, community, empathy, and sustainability. 

Deep Industry Knowledge

Crafting solutions requires deep knowledge, research and thinking, and everything about the way we work is crafted around this intention.


Our team is made up of a range of consultants who take advantage of expertise gained over many years in diverse fields of practice which gives us the unique ability to go deep with real actionable knowledge, generating unique insights through the cross-disciplinary experience of our people.

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Years of Experience

Knowledge alone is often not sufficient when solving the most intractable problems. Sometimes experience counts as more of a competitive advantage and we relentlessly pursue and maintain this advantage.


Some things occur once every decade and some other things once every century. To take advantage of the best ideas, active knowledge gained over several cycles is extremely important so we engage and utilize people with deep and long experience to deliver the best value.

In-house Research Teams

We are firm believers in the notion that the best solutions are tailor-made. Acting without well-conducted research as a foundation amounts to little more than a guessing game.  

We believe our in-house research provides our clients with a host of advantages from cost savings to preventing information leakages, but most importantly delivering well-crafted solutions

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